Why Am I Losing Business? Getting To Know the Pitfalls

You’ve spent a fortune on marketing, your advertisements are everywhere and you are getting more calls than ever… so why are you ending up with so few sales conversions? And why are there even fewer conversions? There are a few common pitfalls into which many businesses stumble, unless they have a lead management system to get them over those.

Procrastination is the thief of time… and leads

According to a compelling Leadtrekker article, responding to a lead within five minutes increases your chance of a conversion by 80%! That is a massive boost to your chances for success, and nobody can – or should – say no to that.

The reality is that the average response time after a lead has filled in a contact form is a matter of hours, and all of that waiting is inconvenient for leads, even if they expect it. With an effective lead management system you can have an SMS and an email sent to leads the moment they submit their details, and you can even include all the necessary brochures or forms as attachments in the email.

Lead management systems also help to monitor sales leads. This means that besides notifying the lead, it will also notify you that you have a lead. Now that you have automatically been notified, and you have all the lead’s details, you are able to contact them and follow up right away. Be the early bird and catch that worm.

Accountability is key

Another benefit that comes with monitoring sales leads is the fact that lead management systems measure leads and the actions taken for them. You might have a team of sales agents who are responsible for contacting leads, and while the system is notifying you about leads it will also automatically assign leads to certain agents, notifying them right away so that they can take action. By monitoring sales leads you can keep track of who is contacting leads, how long it is taking them, and how well they are doing.

Very few employers enjoy being tyrannical overseers, and that’s not what monitoring sales leads is about. It’s about accountability, making sure that your agents are held accountable and that you can make the best of your business and your team, rewarding those who do well and rectifying the behaviours of those who do not.

Don’t end up lost in a sea of mystery

Too often these days, businesses are lost when it comes to marketing. You know you are getting lots of leads now because your team is quick and accountable and things are looking up, but you are still losing leads. And you don’t know why. A lot of the time that is because businesses do not know where their good leads are coming from.

A proper lead management system will help you to identify the sources of your leads. By properly monitoring your sales leads you can see which sources are successful and which are a waste of resources, which will help you focus your marketing. Once you have removed the bad leads from your targeting you might notice a slight decrease in measurable leads, but there will also be a much higher percentage of conversions. And that’s what you need.

A lead management system is vital to modern business success. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a free trial to get you started!

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