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Fine Movie and Music Options in the Right Streaming

Anyone who wanted to listen to music 20 years ago had several options: he switched on the radio and listened to the given program. Or he bought a CD, put it in a player and played it off.

Today, this works much easier: No one has to buy and own a sound carrier anymore. And yet he can decide for himself what he or she wants to hear. You do not even have to load a file onto the computer, as it was necessary with MP3s. Although they had the advantage over the CD that it was small files that you could play on the computer, but also on the phone or MP3 player. But you just needed a file. Now with the the options are better.

Streaming flows data

Streaming is different. The German translation of the word makes it clear what it’s all about: flow, stream. In fact, this data flow over the Internet, the user can play them directly during reception. Prerequisite is only a device with Internet connection, so about computer, smartphone, but also some music systems.

Streaming means the continuous transmission of data over a network, usually the Internet. This happens in real time, the user does not notice.

Streaming for music and movies

There are plenty of streaming services for music, and they all work the same way: you look for a song, an artist or an album and play the songs with one click. This works for some services for free, if you take advertising into account, for others, you pay a monthly fee (usually 10 €) and then unlimited access to millions of songs. Best known services include Spotify , Apple Music, Google Play Music, Napster, Rdio or Deezer.

But streaming is not just for music. Even movies can be played so the purchase or borrowing of DVDs is unnecessary. For services such as Netflix, Maxdome or Amazon Prime Instant Video you also pay a monthly flatrate (usually around 8 euros) and can then watch all movies and TV shows on offer as often as you like. This requires either a TV with Internet connection, so a smart TV, or a computer, a smartphone or additional hardware such as Amazon’s Fire TV, which brings the content to the TV. The picture and sound of the films are also transmitted via streaming via the Internet.

Free streaming of TV channels

By the way, you no longer have to watch the TV program as the program newspapers show, ie the crime scene on Sunday evening at 8.15 pm. The broadcasters also show many of their contents via streaming in their media libraries, for example series sequences, news, documentaries or films. And even for free. This one calls with a click; condition is here also only a device with Internet connection. Not all shipments are available indefinitely.

Technically, streaming works like this: vendors store the content on their servers. As soon as someone wants to retrieve it, the data is sent over the Internet as a data stream to the user. Unlike a download, the file does not belong to the user, he cannot copy, save or share.

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